Boaters love their spending time on the water. Whether you’re fishing, water skiing, or just cruising we all need to treat our waters with respect it deserves.

At Hamer Bay Marine we are committed to participating in the Clean Marine Program. The program promotes environmentally responsible best management practices for marinas and clubs. Performance and compliance with the program is then measured by extensive audits and ranked by an independent organization.

As a part of the program we need to ensure boaters agree to a series of commitments that encompass both common sense and the regulations under which Hamer Bay Marine operates. We ask that each member of the marina participate in taking the Hamer Bay Marine Member Pledge to help manage our facility in an environmentally responsible manner.

Through increased awareness we hope you will continue to take this information to be used at your own cottage, camp or home and be used as an educational process to an accepted norm behaviour.

Thank you for your participation in keeping our waters safe and clean for all of us, and our kids. Together we are making a difference.


In 2014 we achieved our 5 star – Gold rating! We are working towards our Platinum rating and are hoping to achieve this by the end of 2017

Clean Marine


It is our pledge to promote a healthy eco-system in Hamer Bay. We have taken the following initiatives to ensure we are a ‘clean marine’:

  • Recycling bins are located on the premise for cans & plastic, glass and paper/cardboard
  • Customers who rent a boat slip at the marina are educated on our clean marine policy and are required to take the pledge (insert link)
  • All customers are required to have a bilge sock/pad in their bilge.
  • Employee training includes environmental awareness including awareness of the Clean Marine Program and has attended a Spills Containment Course. We have an on-site approved Spills Kit on site.
  • Over 90% of the lighting has been converted to compact fluorescent or similar high efficiency lighting accompanied with timers
  • Customer parking areas are gravel rather than paved to ensure that automotive waste is not directly washed into the surrounding waters.
  • Docks are designed to allow full water circulation through the marina
  • Work boat engine has been converted to the cleanest engine on the market – Evinrude E-TEC (insert link and/or picture)
  • All storage is indoor or outdoor covered. There is no use of shrink-wrap.
  • Oil, gas, and anti-freeze waste and containers is contained and removed by an approved environmental facility for recycling